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All dogs that are available for adoption will be published on our Facebook page. Due to the rapid pace that we sometimes take in new dogs and find good homes, this is the best way to keep things up to date.

Every potential home will be subject to a home check by Santerpaws volunteers or an associated charity in order to make sure they are ready to provide a healthy and loving environment. If approved, we request a £250 adoption fee and an additional £40 kennel fee for those adopted to the U.K.  The adoption fee covers the cost of: microchip, passport, vaccinations, food, and transport. This means that every dog from  will have all the vaccinations and other legal requirements met to travel through the E.U. to their new homes.  Additionally, every dog that leaves Santerpaws will be neutered or - in the case of puppies- required to be neutered when they reach 6 months of age. Transport to Germany, the U.K. or anywhere else en route from Bulgaria is available as weather permits. While a dog may be available for adoption, please be aware that sometimes in Bulgaria the winter weather will not always permit travel. 

Any further details please contact us :-)
  1. Goldie
    Goldie is a cute little girl that was found wondering around the village, she was picked up and fostered, she is a lovely little girl, used to living in, very social, loves cats, other dogs and people of all ages, Goldie will grow to about the size of a collie.
  2. Zeberdee
    This little guy is one of the friendliest guys you could ever meet, he is adorable, his tail never stops wagging he just wants to be loved, great with cats, dogs and people of all ages, fully grown will be about Beagle size
  3. Mary
    Chester is the size of a small Labrador, he is almost 2 years old, house trained. He is not bothered about cats and loves other dogs, he is a shy dog and loves his people when he knows them, he has a horrific background story, so he needs loads of love and attention for the rest of his years.
  4. Chester
  5. Zelah
    Zelah is a stunning little girl, fully grown she will be the size of a Beagle, she is really affectionate, and really busy, always has lots to do. She likes to play with the cats that like her, she ignores the ones that doesn't, she is great with all people of all ages, and loves other dogs.
  6. Russell
    Found in a layby, with his siblings and left to die, he is an absolute gorgeous boy will not be big, loves cats, dogs and people of all ages.
  7. Max
    Darling Max will be a really big lad, we found him running on the road, nearly hit him, but thankfully we missed, he was very skinny and very scared, turns out he is the most affectionalte lad, a real gentle giant, just wants to be with you, loves other dogs, not bothered about cats and loves absolutely all people
  8. Maggie
    Maggie is about 3 years of age, neutered and really lovely girl. Maggie would love to be in a home with a family because she loves everybody, she would adore playing with children and is great if you already have another dog. Unsure about cats, but I can cat test her if required.
  9. Beth
    Beth will be the size of a Parson's Jack Russell when fully grown, loving and affectionate, not good with cats, but great with other dogs and people.
  10. Fern
    Fern's mother was a Bulgarian Scenthound, (Gonche). They are a fantastic breed, they are very popular in Bulgaria but rare outside of the country, not recognised by the kennel club (who cares?) but you will find them on Wikapedia if you want to go look. They adapt very well to family life and love all other dogs and cats, ours are super human friendly too. Fern is still looking for her forever home. If you are in to your designer dogs why not have a rescue. Fern was born in our friends care, she has never had any of the problems some of our dogs have, she only knows love and care. If you could offer Fern her forever home please message us. PLEASE SHARE